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1. Get a group together

It’s easy: just find some friends. This one we can’t help you with... but you probably won’t have any trouble.

2. Check out the resources below

Take a look at the resources below to learn about the situation in the Congo.

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Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand. - Chinese proverb

Get a group of interested peers together to discuss and learn about CLI, the DRC, and youth empowerment.

Check out the bottom of the page for materials and resources that can guide you through the process.

Reach out to us! Do you still have unanswered questions? Unsure of the next step to take? Set up a Q&A session between CLI and your group so we can help you organize a plan of action!


“Once you make the unequivocal internal commitment to do something – when you absolutely know this is the time and the place to act – the world around you will shift in all sorts of apparently miraculous ways to make it happen.” - Sarah Susanka

Taking action is the foundation of leadership. Start getting others involved, promote empowerment, advocate for youth, and make a difference!

Start a campaign, encourage others to get involved, and spread the word. Get started with some ideas below!


Information Sources

These are some great places to start learning and we encourage you to check them out!

Congo Siasa - Jason Stearns

Congo Resources - David Aronson

Radio Okapi

BBC Congo Profile

Al Jazeera Congo Spotlight

Friends of the Congo Student Corner

Raise Hope for Congo

Fundraising Ideas

Wondering where to start? Here are some ideas that have worked for others:

· Sponsor a study break. Reserve a spot or set up a table in the library, student center, or academic buildings and sell late-night snacks!
· Fundraise after finals. See if your professor will allow you to set a donation jar on the table for people to donate after they turn in their final, sell post-finals snacks, or throw a post-finals party (See “Party with a Purpose” below).
· Collect school supplies and used books for your own back-to-school sale. Everyone needs those last-minute supplies and books - find ones you and your friends don’t use, sell them, and donate the proceeds! Also look into having your school store and local businesses donate a percentage of sales.
· Host a meal. Have a dinner party and charge a small admission fee. It’ll be cheaper than McDonald’s and a lot better too.
· Have a baking party. If you have access to a kitchen, host a baking party. Charge a small admission fee before you bake the goods. Take it a step further and use the goods in a bake sale!
· Stage a community game show. Stage a game show like Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune. Invite students, faculty and community members to play and charge a small admission fee. Have the host ask questions related to academics, the community or if you’re really ambitious, the Congo!
· Host a game night. Have friends over for game night and relive your childhood days!
· Have a movie-night-in. Host a movie night related to CLI and charge a small admission fee. Some topical movies include Blood Diamond or Hotel Rwanda. All are entertaining movies that create even better discussions afterward.
· Party with a purpose. Who doesn’t love a good party? Whether it be dance, an ice cream social, a holiday party - anything really - charge a small admission fee and have fun!
· Partner with a local restaurant or bar. Partner with a local eatery or bar to host a night out with a percentage of proceeds going to CLI.
· Throw a card-making party. Valentines and holiday cards are so much sweeter when they’re handmade! Buy some art supplies, host a card-making party with your friends and charge a $1 donation per card.
· Sponsor or run a 5K race. Map out a route around your school and set up a 5K, charge participants, and donate the proceeds. Great for all the avid runners out there, and for a great cause! Even if you don’t want to run, you can sponsor a runner.
· Use your knowledge. Host a workshop teaching something you have a special talent in or know a lot about. Whether it be cooking, graphic design - maybe even spelunking - students are definitely willing to pay a small fee to learn cool and useful skills.
· Create a scavenger hunt. Have a campus-wide scavenger hunt (great for freshman) to get to know the campus and school history. Charge a small fee to play and have fun learning!

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